The Resurrection Baptist Church made its humble beginnings in 1917, at 1000 W. Poplar Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania under the guidance of the late Rev. George Cable. From this location, the small group of worshipers relocated to 16th & Parrish Street. The congregation was facing many obstacles, but was determined to continue the building of God’s kingdom, so they relocated once again to 920 N. Warnock Street. Reverend Thomas and Rev. Winn served as pastors during this period.

In 1924, the late Rev. J.R. Henderson was called to pastor the church. He did a marvelous work until his resignation in 1933. In 1934, the church sought and found a man of “vision”, the late, Rev. John J. Jenkins. Under Rev. Jenkins’ leadership, the membership flourished, which made it necessary to seek larger quarters for worship. Thus, the church relocated to 1222 N. 11th Street and again to 1211-15 W. Girard Avenue. Unfortunately, this being a re-development district, the church was forced to vacate this area. With much prayer, the church relocated, to 5401 Lansdowne Avenue, our present location. We became a chartered church in 1959. In 1966, our good shepherd, Rev. John J. Jenkins, was called home to be with the Lord.

Resurrection was without a shepherd for almost two years. An invitation was extended to Rev. Claudis L. Amaker. He graciously accepted and preached his first sermon in June of 1967. He was installed in November of 1968. His highly impressive educational and spiritual background and his numerous religious affiliations helped the church to expand and stand as one of Philadelphia’s finest. Rev. Amaker served the church diligently for 23 years. His tenure at Resurrection was completed in 1991. He went home to be with the Lord on April 15, 2012.

After a brief period, Rev. Barry J. Lyons was selected to pastor the church and was installed on April 25, 1993. He was young in age, but his many new and young ideas brought the church and its membership into a bright new spiritual arena. Rev. Lyons’ season ended in 1997. Shortly afterwards, Rev. Jerome H. Scott, Sr., was selected to pastor the church. He was installed on January 31, 1999. Rev. Scott possessed a quiet and humble spirit and carried on the work laid out before his arrival. Rev. Scott severed tides with the church, July 2007.

On July 26, 2009, Rev. Robert J. McFadden was installed to pastor the church. Rev. McFadden is a humble, anointed man of God. His stalwart presence and leadership are impressive and his character is a testament to his spiritual walk. Under Rev. McFadden’s tutelage, the church as well as the community, is experiencing an amazing renaissance. We thank God daily for sending us this under shepherd, who will lead us in the perfecting of the saints, the work of the ministries and the edifying of the Body of Christ.

Today, we relish in the knowledge that we stand on the backs of these visionary leaders who have paved the way for us to continue a mighty work for the Lord.

To God Be The Glory!